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Concealed carry permits on the rise in Mid-Missouri

Many sheriff's departments across Mid-Missouri are seeing an increase in the number of concealed carry permit applications.

Police investigate gunshots near Columbia Mall

Police investigate gunshots near Columbia Mall

Columbia police responded to shots fired near the Columbia Mall around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night.


Fayette sues over high phone bills

City administrator Robin Triplett said the phone system in Fayette city government became easier to use in 1999. The city signed a contract with AT&T for its "Plexar" service, allowing them to transfer calls easily between city hall and its three other buildings. The city renewed the contract in November 2012 for…

Man accused in Callaway Co. car thefts linked to more near Mexico

A Montgomery City man is now being linked to more car thefts after being pegged as a suspect in Callaway Co. car thefts this week.

Student brings BB gun to West Middle School

A West Middle School Student reportedly brought a BB gun to school. 

School safety after two BB guns on middle school campus

School safety after BB guns reported on middle school campuses

A West Middle School student brought a BB gun to school yesterday, and that comes just a few days after a different student brought a BB gun to Lange Middle School. 

Apartment complex would mean Quinton's Bar & Deli demolition

To Columbia residents, it seems like one apartment complex project is barely finished before another begins.

Columbia road crews looking for slick spots

Overnight road crews will treat slick spots

Crews in Columbia and Jefferson City have cleared most of the main roads after snow hit Mid-Missouri Wednesday morning.  Columbia Public works said crews will continue to monitor roads for ice as temperatures drop through the night. 

MU professor provides dark outlook on university's future

After recent events, one professor does not believe the administration is doing what it takes to piece the university back together.

Highway Patrol responds to dozens of crashes due to snow

Snow that fell across Mid-Missouri Wednesday afternoon caused dozens of crashes on state highways.

Refuge sign in Oregon


Oregon standoff: FBI surrounds occupiers at wildlife refuge

The armed protesters occupying a wildlife refuge in Oregon have been surrounded, the FBI said on Wednesday.

According to the FBI, one of the remaining occupiers rode outside barricades at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. When agents tried to appr...

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