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Hundreds of residents forced to move from two mobile home parks

Hundreds of residents forced to move from two mobile home parks

Hundreds of residents are now being forced to move at two mobile parks just south of Columbia. 

Two plead guilty to selling synthetic pot in Boone Co.

Two people pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to selling thousands of pounds of synthetic marijuana.

Manufacturing company to take over former R.R. Donnelly facility in Jefferson City

A major manufacturing announcement was made Tuesday in the Capital City.

Shakespeare's Pizza


Shakespeare's Pizza to temporarily relocate

The downtown restaurant will relocate during redevelopment of the site.

Maggie Schmidt


Centralia Wrestling Club treasurer arrested

Police say Maggie Schmidt stole more than $3,000

St. Louis County Prosecutor speaks to law school, but others left out

The St. Louis County Prosecutor who gained national attention during the Ferguson protests spoke at the University of Missouri Tuesday night. 

Columbia teachers' union wants teacher contract negotiations to continue

The Columbia Missouri National Education Association, or teachers' union, met Tuesday night to present a counter proposal to the Columbia school district's final proposal on teacher contract negotiations.

Ameren replaces Boonville transformer

Ameren replaces Boonville transformer

More than 100,000 pounds sail through the air as Ameren gently lifts a new 22-mega watt transformer into place. 

Hermann sues power commissions over coal plant costs

The city of Hermann is suing state utility groups over the costs of electricity from a southern Illinois coal plant.

Missouri bill similar to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Freedom of religion or freedom to discriminate? It is a topic swarming the nation right now as Indiana faces backlash for a bill it just passed. ABC 17 News looked through Missouri bills and found one similar to Indiana's - House Bill 104.

Asa Hutchinson


Arkansas governor: Bill needs changes

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he does not plan to sign the religious freedom bill that sits on his desk right now, instead asking state lawmakers to make changes so the bill mirrors federal law.

The first-term Republican governor said he wants hi...

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