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Mexico police search for suspect after overnight shooting

Police in Mexico are searching for the person responsible for shooting at a home.

Columbia man to be sentenced for attacking wife

Columbia man to be sentenced for attacking wife

 A Columbia man will be sentenced this summer after pleading guilty to attacking his wife and putting a pipe bomb in her car.


City takes property owner to court over roof repairs

The city will take a property owner to county court over an alleged lack of roof repairs throughout 2015.

Douglass Bulldogs Youth Baseball League needs volunteers

The Douglass Bulldogs Baseball League is for boys and girls ages 5-10. The league is geared at teaching kids basic baseball skills in a fun, non competitive environment. Columbia's Parks and Rec is continuously trying to host more family-friendly activities in the park.

Pulaski County 911 communications system experiencing problems

According to Fort Leonard Wood, the Pulaski County 911 Communications system is experiencing some issues after an apparent lightning strike.

MoDOT crews switch traffic to new overpass

MoDOT crews switch traffic to new overpass

Mid-Missouri drivers can now use the new Garth Avenue bridge in Columbia.

Yield to emergency vehicles or get pulled over

Yield to emergency vehicles or get pulled over

Jefferson City police will be on the lookout this week for drivers who don't yield to emergency vehicles.

High crash zone in Columbia gets sign

A sign in Columbia is warning drivers about a high crash area.

Water and you this summer

Officials to begin testing for E. coli: what you should know

Jumping in a lake is a great way to cool off in the summer...but what's in the water with you? 

Commissioners appoint member to vicious dog board

Boone County appoints member to vicious dog advisory board

With warmer weather here to stay, dog parks across Mid-Missouri fill up with animals and their owners -- with more dogs out, we could see an increase in dog bites.  

Cosby at courthouse

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

The Bill Cosby trial: How we got here

Much has been said and written about the sex scandal that has torpedoed Bill Cosby's legacy -- so much so that it can be difficult to recall how he reached the point of facing trial on three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault.

Here's a look ...

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