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Columbia high schools to offer meals for students staying after school

Starting this week, Columbia Public Schools will offer dinner for high school students who stay late after school.

Terence Hartmann

Columbia man accused of holding family of three hostage

Terence Hartmann was arrested Monday on multiple charges after a woman accused him of holding her and her children hostage.  

Driver in Route K crash involved in crash just minutes prior

UPDATE: Investigators say one of the drivers involved in Tuesday's serious crash on Route K had been involved in a crash on Providence Road just minutes prior.

Cole County commission votes to correct elected officials' salaries

The Cole County Commission voted 2 to 1 Tuesday to retroactively correct the salaries of elected officials. 


Parking payment app comes to downtown Columbia

In downtown Columbia, time often takes the form of money.


Enrollment up at Law Enforcement Training Institute

Enrollment is up at the Law Enforcement Training Institute in Columbia.

Questions left surrounding deadly Jefferson City shooting

No one is facing charges after a man was shot and killed in Jefferson City.

Motion filed to revoke probation for Ryan Gevelinger

Howard County prosecutor Stephen Murrell filed a motion Monday to revoke probation for a self-proclaimed priest and convicted felon.

Solar eclipse, Australia

Network Ten

What to expect during a total solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017, is expected to be the most viewed solar eclipse ever.

Centralia police warning residents after person poses as officer

Centralia police are warning residents after receiving reports "that someone in town may be posing as a Centralia police officer." 

Donald Trump, RNC, July 21

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Clinton's health is fine, but what about Trump?

As Donald Trump and his allies attempt to raise dubious questions over Hillary Clinton's health, the Republican nominee has invited new scrutiny into his own medical history.

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