One person shot on Grand Ave in Columbia

One person has been shot in the stomach on Forest and Grand Avenue in Columbia.


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ABC 17 News "This Week" - Missouri Rep. Shamed Dogan

The Missouri General Assembly passed the state budget yesterday, and it's on the Governor's desk today. Missouri House Member Shamed Dogan joins us on "This Week" to talk about that budget, but I start our conversation by asking him the so-called "Free Jeff Mizanskey Bill." I ask the the Representative what's next for…

Lack of crucial radio signal inside Columbia high school

 "Within the school our police radios were essentially useless for us," said Sgt. Brian Leer, with the Boone County Sheriff's Department.

This Week Mayor-elect Carrie Tergin

ABC 17 News This Week: Jefferson City Mayor-Elect Carrie Tergin

On Tuesday (April 7th) voters in Jefferson City, elected a familiar name and face to be the city's next mayor. Former Council Member Carrie Tergin was elected with nearly 50-percent of the votes out a crowded field of candidates. A year ago at this time, however, she was cleaning out her desk after being voted off…

Typical teen behavior or bullying?

A 14-year-old mid-Missouri student and his family are speaking out about a case of bullying, saying their school is not handling it correctly.

Remembering Lt. Bruce Britt: Anniversary of firefighter's passing

It was a year ago Sunday when we lost Columbia Firefighter Lt. Bruce Britt. On this anniversary of his untimely death, he is no doubt being remembered as a hero.


As body cameras gain popularity, policies in question

Only eight of 68 law enforcement departments received grant money from the state to buy body cameras in 2014.

I-70 improvements How much are you willing to pay

Toll option still on the table for I-70 rebuild

The cheapest option for an Interstate 70 revamp comes in at $2 billion.

Nixon faces criticism from lawmakers on Ferguson decisions

Examining the role of politics in the response to Ferguson unrest

Hearings are underway at the state Capitol regarding how events in Ferguson were handled and the decisions that were made.

Mid-Missouri man spending life in prison without parole for pot offenses

Jeff Mizanskey and Charles Manson have something in common. They are both serving life sentences in maximum security prison. Only Charles Manson, the notorious cult leader who's responsible for the deaths of more than a half dozen people, has had at least a dozen parole hearings. But, Jeff Mizanskey has had no parole…

Intersections that drive you crazy in Mid-Missouri

There are more than 500 miles of streets in Columbia. The number one intersection viewers told ABC 17 News drives them crazy is in Columbia; the connector where Highway 63 and I-70 meet.

Special Report Drivers fail to stop for emergency vehicles

ABC 17 News rode along with firefighters catching drivers failing to pull over

ABC 17 News rode along with firefighters and caught drivers failing to pull over

One year later has MU improved handling of sex crimes

One year later, has MU improved handling of sex crimes?

One year after the University of Missouri vowed to make changes to the way campus sexual assaults are handled and understood, how far has the university come? Are students safer? ABC 17's Marissa Hollowed's search for answers took her to Toronto, Canada, where the family of a former MU student is living with the pain…


As transmission line project looms, electric rate hike follows

It took three years to develop and agree on the plan for a new transmission line project in south Columbia - deciding whether to bury lines or build poles, which streets it would run and which substations to connect to. In 2013, the city agreed on a plan for eight miles of power lines built from Grindstone Parkway to…

New gadgets for Christmas mean it's time to recycle the old ones, safely

At christmas time, many get all the new latest gadgets as gifts, but as left wondering what to do with the old ones. If you think selling them is out of the question, you might want to think about recycling them.

Eldon students gather to celebrate fellow classmate with brain cancer

Cancer can be difficult for anyone and any family, especially during the holidays.

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