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Dozens submit concerns over proposed sow farm

More than two dozen people sent comments to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in August and September to oppose a proposed swine farrowing operation in Callaway County.

October marks start of secondary severe weather season in Mid-Missouri

Most of the severe weather we see in Mid-Missouri comes during the spring and early summer months. 

Scam uses scare tactics to target Mid-Missourians

All it takes is just minutes and a phone call for a scammer to complete empty your bank account.

Preserving the Katy Bridge

The Katy Bridge in Boonville, was built in 1931 to 1932 as "MKT Bridge No. 191.1" by the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. It replaced a much lighter bridge that was built in 1873. Of course, it's no longer in use by the railroad, but that isn't stopping a number of people wanting to preserve the bridge for the sake of…

Doctors try new business model for improved care


Doctors try new business models to improve care

Dr. Myriam Ensling made the old dentist's office she moved to in 2012 her new place of business, even with the dental lamps hanging from the ceiling.

Former inmate works to create program to help released prisoners find work

A Columbia man who spent several years in prison is now helping other former prisoners find a second chance.

Scientists excited about total solar eclipse to impact Mid-Missouri

A total solar eclipse is a rare occurrence. It's been decades since one was seen in Mid-Missouri, but that's about to change.

Self-harm is a growing problem; what parents need to watch for

In the United States, between two and three million people self-harm, which means inflicting pain on their bodies to cope with emotions.

This Week: Addressing the issue of excessive force while keeping the peace

The question of excessive police force is being asked all across the country in the wake of the deadly encounter between Ferguson police and the unarmed teenager, Michael Brown.

Vote 2014: Amendment 1, Right to Farm

Correction: State Senator Rob Schaaf (R – St. Joseph) supports Amendment One, and says he will be voting for its passage in August. The quote that aired during the 6:00 newscast was not a quote from Senator Schaaf. We have invited the Senator to appear as a guest on “This Week,” to make his views clear. An effort to…

Winter 2014 could be to blame for harsh allergy season

If you're someone who suffers from allergies, you're not alone. In fact, nearly 20% of Americans suffer from some type of allergy.

Columbia-Boone County 911 dispatch


911 dispatch training requirements differ across counties, states

Missouri state training requirements for joint communications dispatchers fall far shorter than many other professions.

Joseph Arbeiter

Sedalia admitted killer has lengthy criminal history

Joseph Arbeiter is a name most of us had never heard of before this month.

Consumers could be leaving behind sensitive data on cell phones

Consumers forget to scrub cell phones clean

ABC 17 News investigation finds pics, texts, and contacts left behind on cell phones for sale on Craigslist.

Common Core controversy: what's fact, what's myth?

Right now, Missouri is one of 44 states using the common core standards to prepare students for college and careers.

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