Fitness experts warn of dangers of certain diet pills

New Year's resolution could be dangerous

COLUMBIA, Mo. - They've been plastered across the Internet for weeks now. Diet pill companies advertising their product as the way to get that New Year's resolution body you've been wanting.

But fitness experts say those pills can cause some serious health issues.

"The dangers are, a lot of people don't know what is in those pills," said Eleni Pardalos, a personal trainer at Wilson's Fitness.

Claiming to "melt away the pounds" or help you shed a large amount of weight in a matter of days, Pardalos said it's all a gimmick.

"There's no shortcut to getting healthy," she said. "The best way is to take small steps and be patient, implement healthy nutrition, exercise, lots of hydration and rest."

Even if you do all that and decide to use a diet pill in addition, Pardalos warns that you could still put your health at risk.

"Being on medications, there are a lot of complications with adding other pharmaceutical ingredients into your body," she said.

Diet pills aren't the only thing that can cause harm if your New Year's resolution is to get in shape. Not knowing how to safely and properly use gym equipment accounts for a lot of injuries that could be easily avoided.

"Consult with a personal trainer, find what's best for your needs and your fitness goals and make sure you know how to use them properly," Pardalos said.

No matter what your fitness goals are for 2014, trainers say eating healthy and regular exercise are the best ways to achieve your resolution.

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