University of Missouri researchers announce alternative seasonal allergy medicine

COLUMBIA, Mo. - On Tuesday, University of Missouri researchers announced an alternative medicine for allergy relief. 

The new allergy drop is another form of relief, instead of using over-the-counter drugs or weekly allergy shots. 

Each prescription is tailored to each patient's particular allergy. 

New research shows the allergy drop is an effective alternative to relieve itchy eyes, sneezing and runny noses, while also being more convenient. 

Patients no longer will need to make weekly appointments to receive shots that include rare but serious side effects. 

"Shot therapy sometimes can, rarely can have side effects ... like difficulty breathing, blood-pressure problems, occasionally death -- rare, very rare, but it does happen," said Dr. Robert Zitsch, an MU doctor involved with the study.

As of now, taking the drops for three to five years will hold off symptoms, but more research is still needed. 

The drops can be prescribed to patients of all ages, especially children who are fearful of needles. 

The MU clinic is one of several that offer the allergy drop. The prices of allergy shots and allergy drops are similar at the MU clinic. 

Zitsch says he expects the drop to become more popular for allergy sufferers.

The World Health Organization endorses this drug, while the FDA still has yet to approve it.

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