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VIDEO: Crews find filthy conditions inside house full of cats

UPDATE: ABC 17's Joe McLean got the first look inside a home where more than 40 animals, mostly cats, were rescued June 23.

nail polish

Dangerous chemicals hiding in everyday products

It was long believed that you could acquire "better living through chemistry." But that may really not be the case. In a landmark alliance, known as Project TENDR, leaders of various disciplines have come together in a consensus statement to say that...


London designer makes 'photo-proof' scarf

London-based and Dutch-born designer Saif Siddiqui has created a "paparazzi-proof" scarf that makes the person wearing it almost invisible to flash photography.

BMW logo

Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

BMW promises fully driverless cars by 2021

BMW has teamed with two leading tech companies to deliver fully self-driving vehicles in 2021.

Amsterdam Wi-Fi birdhouse


Amsterdam birdhouses give free Wi-Fi

Amsterdam is usually associated with tree-lined waterways, cyclists and fresh air.

human library


What do modern libraries loan? Human books

What does a library look like in a modern city?

There are still epic tales of migration, inspiring stories of people overcoming hardship, and chronicles of religious or racial persecution.

But in some places, there aren't any books -- instead, it's hum...

Gay pride flag blurb

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Judge blocks Mississippi religious freedom law

A federal judge blocked a controversial Mississippi law that would've gone into effect Friday, which would've allowed businesses and government employees to deny services to gay and transgender people based on religious grounds.

Norway cruise ship

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The cruise ships with the best Wi-Fi

What happened on cruise ships used to stay on cruise ships -- at least until the boat reached the next port.

people talking over coffee in coffeehouse


How to know when you're being lied to

What were you doing between 10 and 11 a.m. yesterday morning?

3-D blind art museum


Opening up art for the blind, with 3-D

Luc was only 7 years old when his world went dark and he became blind unexpectedly. But as he likes to say, blindness isn't very effective on him.

Even with his can-do attitude, the 13-year-old recalls feeling excluded when he visited a museum exhibi...

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