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Scammers call Columbia woman nearly 40 times

Columbia Police warn of scammers claiming to be officers

A phone scam is targeting Mid-Missourians where a caller claims to be a Columbia police officer.

Searching safely for Father s Day gifts

Recommendations when looking for Father's Day gifts

Raft trips, balloon rides and other experiences can make unique and memorable Father's Day gifts. BBB suggests that families check outfitters out carefully and ask plenty of questions before booking a trip.

Senior citizens losing money to dishonest financial advisers

Dishonest financial advisers scamming elderly

Recent reports of senior citizens losing thousands of dollars to unscrupulous financial advisers should be a wake-up call to anyone who wants to invest money. BBB advises consumers to check any investment adviser out thoroughly before you allow him or her to invest money for you.

Online safety for parents and children

Online safety tips for students and children

If your child is not "online" already, he or she may soon be joining the millions of children who are. Parents should have a discussion with their children about the parameters for use of computers and smart phones before allowing them to go online. Communication should start early. Parents should be proactive and initiate the conversation. Use everyday opportunities and turn them into teachable…

Beware of scams when looking for a summer job

Popular summer scams: what to look for

Summer is a great time to take a vacation, take care of home repairs or find a summer job. Unfortunately, scammers don't take a summer vacation, so be on the lookout for these popular summer scams:

Boone Co. Sheriff's Department warns of jury duty phone scam

Cole Co. Sheriff warns of jury duty scam

The Cole County Sheriff's Department is warning Mid-Missourians of a scam involving jury duty in Cole County.

Scammers pose as deputies

A scam involving phone calls from someone posing as a Boone County Sheriff's Department deputy has hit several counties in Mid-Missouri, including Pulaski County. 

Scammers try to steal information through Craigslist

Some scammers using Craigslist to steal personal information, money

Craigslist can be a great way to connect with a potential new roommate or to find an apartment or home to rent. Unfortunately there are plenty of scammers who may post or reply to ads in an attempt to steal your money or personal information.

Lake area police warn of ATM tampering

Police near the Lake of the Ozarks are warning consumers of scammers trying to steal personal information from ATM machines.

Research before donating to Nepal earthquake relief

Research before donating to Nepal earthquake relief

The devastating earthquake that flattened parts of Katmandu and triggered avalanches in the Himalayas over the weekend has prompted an international outpouring of sympathy and aid for Nepalese recovery. Better Business Bureau advises consumers to check out the charities they support and avoid fraudulent charities that often crop up to take advantage of their sympathy for earthquake victims.


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