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Scammers targeting customers to become mystery shoppers

Scammers targeting people to become mystery shoppers

The BBB of Mid-Missouri is warning of a fraud scheme involving a fictitious company called "Epic Spirit Survey Inc." The fraudsters in this scheme are mailing the victims checks from M&T Bank and the attached flier that states the following, verbatim:

Scammers breaking hearts this Valentine's Day

Scammers are the one's breaking hearts this Valentine's Day, even though it is a day to appreciate the ones you love, not lose all the money in your bank account.  

Beware of online dating scams around Valentine's Day

Ads for online dating services focus on the positive - meeting the person of your dreams and developing long-term, satisfying relationships. Unfortunately, scammers also lurk online, looking for vulnerable people who will send them money for travel, health care emergencies, etc.

Malware scams target users for money

Malicious malware can solicit money from smartphone users

Scammers are using malware to extort money from unsuspecting smartphone users. This virus, known as "ransomware," freezes up your phone until you pay to unlock it. Ransomware can be downloaded by visiting a malicious or compromised website, clicking on a malicious advertisement/link, or opening a malicious attachment via email. It can also be downloaded through a social media site such as…

Avoiding identity theft during tax season

Avoiding identity theft during tax season

Thousands of Americans are eligible to receive tax refunds in 2015, which is prime time for identity thieves. BBB is warning the public about scams they should be on the lookout for during tax season, along with some tips to consider when filing your taxes?

Gym, exercise, heart rate

Ask questions before signing up for a new gym in the new year

If you're like millions of Americans, you may have made a New Year's resolution to get fit in 2015. Losing weight is one of the most common New Year's resolutions and if you're pledging to lose pounds this year by joining a gym, BBB recommends asking some questions before signing on the dotted line. BBB does recommend consulting a doctor for an over-all health assessment before starting any…

CoMo Entertainment owner Ben Bradley responds to missed court dates, payments

"If you report otherwise, I will come out, and I will come after you, and I will name you in a lawsuit and I will name your station in a lawsuit," CoMo Entertainment owner Ben Bradley told ABC 17's Jillian Fertig in a phone conversation Tuesday.

Protecting yourself from scams, identity theft in the new year

Every year, some of us make New Year's resolutions that are broken before we've gotten used to writing the new dates on our checks or other documents. BBB has some resolutions for 2015 that may be formidable, but they can help anyone become a savvy consumer in the New Year.

Man arrested after LU fundraising scam

A man was arrested after Lincoln University warned of a fundraising scam toward local businesses and residents.

IRS scam targets more mid-Missourians

More mid-Missourians are being targeted by scammers posing as the government so the real IRS has issued a new warning.

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