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Ebola health scams increasing

Scammers make their living preying on our fears. With the Ebola outbreak making headlines across the U.S. and Canada, scammers are cashing in on our anxiety about the disease. Don't fall for cons that claim to cure or prevent Ebola.

Be aware of"pink-washing" during breast cancer awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many products are promoted as benefiting charities dedicated to cancer research or survivor assistance. But some pink products may provide limited benefits to charity. October is the month that "pinkwashing" begins. "Pinkwashing" is a term used to describe unscrupulous companies that claim to support breast cancer research, but never actually fulfill…

Online scams target people concerned about Ebola

Online scams target people concerned about Ebola

Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission posted an article warning about scams targeting people concerned about Ebola.

iPhone 6

From Apple

Beware of "clickbait" scams with iphone release

The recent release of the new iPhone 6 has spawned a new round of "clickbait" scams on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Clickbait scams use well-known events from the news to trick consumers into clicking on links that can download malicious viruses or other malware to computers. In this case, consumers are offered a chance to win a new iPhone by following three easy steps.

Scholastic scam targ

The Better Business Bureau has recently received numerous complaints concerning receipt of a bogus invoice in the amount of $647.50 for a bulk purchase of English-Language Arts Practice Books or Math Practice workbooks. These bogus invoices are being sent to schools and school districts throughout the United States. Complaints are against Scholastic School Supply claiming an address in New Jersey…


JCPD warns of Scholastic scam

Jefferson City Police is warning of a scam involving multiple schools and a source posing as Scholastic School Supply.

Protecting seniors from "grandchild" scammers

Grandparents Day was recently celebrated and now is a good time for families to talk about scams that target seniors, especially to be on the lookout for what is called the "grandparent scam".

Woman targeted by modeling scam

Woman targeted by modeling scam

Police are looking into another scam. A Columbia woman was tricked into sending cash from her bank account via money gram.

Avoiding identity theft while at school

This week marks the return of college students to campus. It can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to juggle school, work and social life. Unfortunately, protecting their identities and fighting fraud doesn't make their list of priorities. College students can be easy targets of identity thieves because of the amount of personal information that can be found online, especially through social…

Precautions to take when donating to charity

With recent events in Ferguson dominating the headlines, there are opportunities to help by donating to charitable organizations. However, it can be a challenge to determine if they are a legitimate charity or how they will use those donations.

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