Dozens feared dead in Taiwan plane crash

As many as 45 people are feared dead after a TransAsia Airways passenger plane crashed on one of Taiwan's Penghu islands Wednesday, Taiwan's Central News Agency reported.


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Credit muling scam: What to watch for

In a scam known as "credit muling", scammers are taking advantage of cash strapped victims by fooling them into purchasing new wireless contracts. A "credit mule" is a victim of fraud that is persuaded to use his/her name, personal information and credit to obtain something of value, a cell phone in this case.

Boone County Court House

Court email scam circulating around mid-Missouri

The Boone and Cole county courts are warning of an email scam that could steal your personal information and put a virus on your computer.

Columbia Police Department logo

KMIZ/File Photo

Columbia Police warn of utility scam

The City of Columbia is warning city utility customers of another possible scam.

Microsoft scam circulating around Mid-Missouri

There is a Microsoft tech support phone scam that is circulating in
mid-Missouri. How does it work?

Father's Day graphic

Tips for finding the perfect gift for dad, safely

Sunday is Father's Day and last minute shoppers will be seeking out the perfect gift for Dad. The Better Business Bureau has some tips before you shop.

BBB warns of Craigslist scam

Be wary of buying big ticket items online

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle or other big ticket items and researching online, be aware of a scam that is circulating in mid-Missouri. Here's how it works.


Tips for keeping your child safe online

 The end of the school year can bring extra free time for many kids, which can result in increased online use for children. Here are some tips on how to talk to children about online situations.

Summer scams: what you need to know about yard work, moving, and travel

With Memorial Day and the end of the school calendar coming soon, it's time to turn our attention to summer.

Publisher s Clearing House scam

Publishers Clearing House scam

Publishers Clearing House has opened their sweepstakes with an opportunity to win cash and prizes. However, scammers are trying to take advantage.

Ameren Missouri warns of phone scam

Boone Co. Sheriff warns of jury duty phone scam

The Boone County Sheriff's Department issued a warning to residents to alert them to scammers trying to steal money from them via phone.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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