Add Artistic Designs

To create visual interest, use your imagination and create darker areas by allowing some areas to puddle and dry. Use crumpled paper towel and blot some areas while still wet to create lighter spots. Sprinkle with sawdust or cat litter to create a mottled pattern. Apply multiple coats after the previous coat has dried for even richer colors.

Artists can create intricate designs and patterns such as sundials, sun and moon images, sweeping curves, footprints and even tile floor designs by using the stain in innovative ways.

To create a tile floor pattern, crisscross the area with duct tape. Duct tape will form a tight seal so the stain won't seep under it and ruin your design. Spray or paint the area in thin coats with your iron sulfate solution and allow to dry. Repeat. Remove the tape as soon as the floor is dry to prevent the tape residue from adhering. The gray concrete will create interesting outlines for your "tile" floor.

Add value to your home's interior or exterior by transforming unattractive gray concrete into a design feature that you will love. Most do-it-yourselfers can easily implement artistic change with the natural stains. Call a professional if you choose acid stains.