Car safety in the heat

In a matter of minutes a car can heat up twenty degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

There is never a reason to leave a child in a vehicle unattended, especially in the heat.

Officials said at an outdoor temperature of ninety degrees the interior of a vehicle can reach one hundred and three degrees fahrenheit.

The recommended amount of time for a child to be in a car alone is zero time.

"A car can heat up twenty degrees within minutes a car that's left outside, even with your windows open.  Some people think the cracked windows is an okay thing.  It's not.  There isn't enough circulation to cool the car", said Dr. Schifman.

On a day when the temperature is ninety degrees fahrenheit, the interior of a car can heat up to one hundred degrees in as little as ten minutes.

In the year 2013, forty-eight children died from being left in a car in the heat.

On average, thirty-eight kids die each year.

Heat exhaustion comes before a heat stroke.

Signs of heat exhaustion are:  Thirst, fatigue, cool and moist skin.

If a child shows any of these signs they need to be taken to a cool area immediately.

The signs of heat exhaustion are:  Body temperature above one hundred and three degrees fahrenheit, red, hot skin, confusion, dizziness, vomiting and unconsciousness.

If a child has any of these signs, 9-11 should be called immediately.

It's important to remember not to give a child anything to drink if they are having a heat stroke.

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