Stephen King and son Joe Hill

Stephen King and Joe Hill

Many a dad has delighted in telling spooky campfire stories by the light of the campfire.

While it's doubtful Stephen King spun tales of child-eating clowns, murderous innkeepers and rabid St. Bernards for his two sons during distant Maine summers, he nevertheless made a lasting impression.

King's older son, Joseph Hillstrom King, began writing in 1997, taking the pen name Joe Hill in order to be judged apart from his literary last name. He's proved himself a success too, earning several awards for a collection of stories and his debut novel, "Heart Shaped Box," before his cover was blown in 2007.

Owen King, King's younger son, published his own collection of stories in 2005.

Hill also co-wrote the 2009 novella "Throttle" with his father. But that wasn't the first time they had worked together. At age 10, Joe appeared in the 1982 film "Creepshow," co-starring and written by his dad.

The family that scares together, stays together, right?