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Penne pasta


Herbed macaroni parmesan

Makes a great "emergency" dinner or a side dish for a feast!

Cutting fruit

National Mango Board

Tropical fruit with roasted cumin seed

Salty and sweet, this is a great dessert treat.

Never Ending Pasta Pass

From Olive Garden

Beware of Olive Garden passes on eBay

Olive Garden's all-you-can-eat pasta passes are already for sale on eBay, but buyers should beware.

JC police investigate weekend brawl at Steak n' Shake

Jefferson City police are investigating a weekend brawl at a restaurant on Missouri Boulevard.

Farmer's market food regulations similar to restaurants, grocery stores

A growing recall involving peaches and other fruit from California is raising food safety concerns across the country, and in Mid-Missouri.

City offers spoiled food drop off, special tree debris pick up

If you have spoiled food following Monday night's storms and subsequent power outages, you're in luck. Columbia Public Works will have special drop off locations for food waste. 

Food trucks found to be cleaner or as clean as restaurants

A recent national study looked at more than a quarter of a million food trucks and restaurants.

Columbia Missourian

Long time Columbia food bank director announces retirement

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri is in desperate need of volunteers to help process food, after receiving pallets of potatoes and meat that will expire soon.

Apples top the list again as dirtiest fruit

In a public health alert, two-thirds of produce samples in a recent government test were contaminated with pesticides.

Train Travel Inc. new owner of Columbia Star Dinner Train

The Columbia Star Dinner Train is now owned by Train Travel Inc., a company that has been operating dinner and retail train operations for 29 years.


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