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NJ same-sex marriage


Alabama justices: No more same-sex marriage licenses

The Alabama Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered probate judges in the state to stop issuing licenses for same-sex marriages.

Tinder graphic

From Tinder/CNN

Tinder angers swipe-happy users

Many wish they could swipe left and reject the latest version of Tinder.

Hotline for religious doubters: 1-84-I-DOUBT-IT

Ian Waldie/Getty Images

New helpline aims at religious doubters

An atheists organization is offering a hotline for doubters to call: 1-84-I-DOUBT-IT.

Immigration reform highly skilled workers

Courtesy Anagha Vartak

Reform for high-skilled immigrants begins

H-1B spouses, get ready to work!

On Tuesday, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that select H-4 visa holders will be eligible for employment authorization.

It was part of President Obama's executive action on immigration in Novem...

Dunkin' Donuts logo

Dunkin Donuts shops planned for Columbia, Jefferson City

Dunkin' Donuts has announced it is planning to build three shops in Mid-Missouri.

State lawmakers meet with DSS director

Committee hears testimony from DSS on computer issues

Lawmakers at the state Capitol wrapped a hearing Tuesday morning, taking testimony about the Department of Social Services budget.

Abortion clinic

Rich Phillips/CNN

Missouri House endorses annual inspection of abortion clinic

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A measure to require annual inspections of abortion providers is the first abortion-related bill to move forward in the Missouri Legislature this year.

Food Stamps - Generic

Missouri Senate passes legislation limit welfare benefits

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A measure to limit the lifetime cap for welfare benefits to four years has Missouri Senate approval.

Couple say pet monkey their only 'child'

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Indian couple leaving estate to pet monkey

Should he outlive his owners, Chunmun the monkey could be set to be one comfortable primate. An Indian couple who are estranged from their families say they've named Chunmun in their will as their only "child."

Typical teen behavior or bullying?

A 14-year-old mid-Missouri student and his family are speaking out about a case of bullying, saying their school is not handling it correctly.

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