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$10,000 in Salvation Army kettle

Donors leave $500,000 in Salvation Army kettle

The holiday spirit hit one Minnesota couple in a big way over the weekend.

Donald Trump, June 2015

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Trump jokes taxes gave Sanders a hernia

Donald Trump joked Monday that Bernie Sanders needed hernia surgery because of the heft of the tax hikes his campaign proposals would carry.

Swett South Dakota map


For $250,000, you can buy this South Dakota ghost town

Talk about a bargain. You can buy an entire town in South Dakota for just a bit more than the cost of an average home in the U.S.

Beijing subway

Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

China: Breastfeeding mom sparks online uproar

A photo of a woman nursing her baby in a crowded Beijing subway train has unleashed a furious -- and some say much needed -- debate over breastfeeding in public in China.

Santa hat


Sweet pictures Santa dozing off with a baby

When Donnie Walters and Kelly Walters took their son Zeke to take his first picture with Santa, they didn't expect it would be a snooze fest.

iPhone 6S

Stephen Lam/ Getty Images

Can the headphone jack survive a thinner iPhone?

If you believe the rumors, your next iPhone might come without a headphone jack.

Holiday shoppers

Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

12 days of Christmas tops $34k

The price for the 12 days of Christmas items was flat from last year.

Brothers rescue bald eagle

Michael Fletcher via CNN

Brothers rescue bald eagle, win the Internet

Two brothers saved a trapped bald eagle, and at the same time, took a memorable selfie.

Christmas holiday lights

Tree in Australia breaks world record for Christmas lights

An Australian man has broken the Guinness World Record for most lights on a fake tree.

Statue of Liberty

David Ariosto/CNN

Statue of Liberty originally conceived as Muslim woman

The artist who sculpted theStatue of Liberty wanted thestatue placed in Port Said.

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