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Police car with emergency lights on

Scott Davidson/Wikimedia Commons

Man serenades cops with banjo during standoff

Unsurprisingly, there were no requests for "Free Bird" during this impromptu performance in Vancouver, Washington.

Breaking Bad


'Breaking Bad' house goes up for sale

"Breaking Bad" fans going through withdrawal, listen up: You can buy Jesse Pinkman's house.

Bicycle wheel

Real-life Hulk picks up car, moves it from bike lane

A man moving a parked car out of a bike lane has gone viral, garnering nearly 5 million views as of Wednesday morning.


ATM workers forget $150,000 sack of cash on lawn

Maybe do a double take on inventory, especially if you're stocking ATMs with cash.

Jen Welter

FredShots Photography

Cardinals break NFL coaching glass ceiling

Another barrier has been broken in the NFL -- and for women in sports.

Ice cream truck (file)

Chris Purcell/

Police: Intoxicated, underwear-clad ice cream man swears at kids

An allegedly intoxicated ice-cream truck driver was arrested after police say he was driving around in his truck, wearing only his underwear, and screaming at children.

Panty Scrunchy

Village/ Vanguard

Japan's new trend: Panty scrunchies

The newest fashion trend to hit Japan is panty scrunchies. Yes, you heard that right.

Jia Jia panda birthday cake

Hong Kong Ocean Park via CNN

Oldest panda sets Guinness Word Record

The panda Jia Jia, a popular resident at Hong Kong's Ocean Park, turned 37 years old on Tuesday, setting two Guinness World Records in the process.

911 dispatch 1

KOAT, Albuquerque 911, family photos

911 dispatcher hangs up on caller

The June 26 call to 911 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was heartbreaking as the female caller tried to keep 17-year-old shooting victim Jaydon Chavez-Silver alive.

"I'm keeping him alive," said Chavez-Silver’s friend, 17-year-old Esperanza Quintero.

Utah books for boy


Mailman's plea for books gets worldwide response

A postal carrier has delivered more than the mail to a Sandy, Utah boy, collecting shelves full of books for the child to read as his story has unexpectedly spread around the world.

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