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balloon chair

Tom Warne

'Balloon man' soars in lawn chair, lands in jail

Daniel Boria says he was trying to get attention for his cleaning business when he tied more than 100 helium balloons to a lawn chair and soared through the sky over his city.

But soon after he opened a parachute and jumped back on the ground, police ...

Hand holding cell phone, smart phone, cellphone

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Man tries to charge phone on set of Broadway play

Twitter is giving a big ol' raspberry to a report that an audience member at the Broadway play "Hand to God" climbed on stage and attempted to charge his cell phone using a fake outlet on the set.

Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett gives away another $2.8 billion

Warren Buffett gave away $2.8 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway stock to five charities, the company said Monday.

It's the tenth year in a row that Buffett has contributed to the foundations, which include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and f...

Report: Kutcher, Kunis married over weekend

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were married over the Fourth of July weekend, according to People magazine.

Giant centipede

Twitter/Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.

Texas redheaded centipede has Internet squirming

If you hate creepy, crawly things, Texas has just the centipede for you.

Spider close-up

Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Some spiders are good sailors, scientists say

Some spiders can sail -- they can harness the wind, weigh anchor and toss a line to a raft. They may even cross vast oceans, scientist say.

Their research could help explain why some types of spiders are present on nearly every corner of the globe. It...

Oreos slimming down for 'sophisticated' look

Oreo cookies are getting a makeover to appeal to adults.

Susannah Mushatt Jones, world's oldest person

Guinness World Records

World's oldest person celebrates 116th birthday

The world's oldest person, Susannah Mushatt Jones of Brooklyn, New York, is celebrating her 116th birthday on Monday.

Firefighter suspended for rebel flag on fire truck

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Confederate flag flies in Minnesota holiday parade

A volunteer firefighter said he was suspended for flying a Confederate flag from the back of a fire truck alongside a U.S. flag during an Independence Day weekend parade in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

Mitt Romney Jan

Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Romney: Trump's immigration comments hurting GOP

Mitt Romney said Saturday that Donald Trump's comments on Mexico and undocumented immigrants have hurt the Republican Party, making the 2012 presidential nominee the latest Republican to slam the billionaire over his controversial remarks.

Romney made...

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