The Voyage roller coaster, Holiday World, Indiana

No. 3: The Voyage -- Holiday World

The Voyage opened in May 2006 at Holiday World in southern Indiana. Right away it started winning awards for being the best wooden roller coaster.

It's actually a hybrid coaster, with a steel supporting structure and wooden tracks.

The 2-minute, 45-second ride reaches a top speed of 67.4 mph. The ride starts with a 163-foot climb and has drops of 154 feet (at a 66-degree angle!), 107 feet, and 100 feet. Riders get a lot of airtime -- 24.2 seconds of weightlessness -- and experience three thrilling 90-degree banked turns.

It's a beautiful ride too, with the tracks surrounded by forest, and with the trains going through short tunnels eight times.

If you go to Holiday World to ride the Voyage, and you love wooden coasters, be sure to also ride Holiday World's two other world-class wooden coasters, the Raven and the Legend.