Customers frustrated with CenturyLink internet service

Internet speeds are well below what the company offers, Wardsville customers say

CenturyLink customers frustrated with slow service

WARDSVILLE, Mo. - Some CenturyLink customers in Wardsville, just outside of Jefferson City, say they are not getting the internet service they pay for.

Customers who spoke to ABC 17 News said they are paying to get speeds of 10 megabytes per second, but are lucky to get just three megabytes.

The customers reached out to ABC 17 News after the company stopped crediting their accounts for the poor service earlier this year.

After meeting with company representatives, ABC 17's Daniel Winn found out they do offer high speeds, but they won't guarantee them. It's all, apparently, in the fine print.

Wardsville resident Scott Victor lives within view of the CenturyLink hub, but his internet speeds leave a lot to be desired.

"I feel ripped off," he said.

He demonstrated how slow his internet can be in the morning with a speed just over four megabytes per second, despite paying for 10 megabytes.

At peak times, he says his speeds dip to just 1.5 megabytes per second.

"If you came into this area and wanted internet service with them, they would not let you know there is an exhaustion going on and they would offer you the plan with the 10 megabytes," Victor said.

So, Winn took Victor's complaint to CenturyLink's regional headquarters.

"If their contract is up to 10, if they are getting up to four or six or eight, that is what is allowed in the contract," said Greg Baker of CenturyLink.

The company says there are no guarantees for service, like any other provider.

Wardsville has seen growth in the past decade and the company admits they need to make upgrades to their service in the area. CenturyLink says they are in the process of doing that and should have the upgrades completed by the end of January.

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