The end of the school year can bring extra free time for many kids, which can result in increased online use for children. Here are some tips on how to talk to children about online situations.

   -Start early and talk to them as soon as they start using a mobile device or computer
    -Initiate conversations with them, don't wait for them to come to you
    -Communicate your expectations such as what's right and wrong or what you consider
unacceptable behavior
-Be patient and supportive when having conversations
- Spend time and supervise your child's online habits
- Setting limits on how much time they can be online per day

While the internet can be a great thing for children, it also poses a set of online threats.

-Cyberbullying can occur through social networking sites or texts and are mean
spirited in nature
- Harmful online posts are forever, especially with photographs and our actions have
-Inappropriate material
-Friend requests should only be accepted from people you know
- Phishing and ID theft can occur with unsolicited texts/emails that can download a
virus/malware to your device

Here are some tips to help avoid these threats:

-Use security software and keep it updated
-Create strong passwords and keep them private
-Use secure websites, making sure it has an s at the end, such as https://

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