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Whole Foods

From Whole Foods Market via CNN

Whole Foods struggles to get back on its feet

Whole Foods still can't catch a break.



Reagan shooter Hinckley Jr. set to be released

A federal judge on Wednesday granted John Hinckley Jr., the man who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981, "full-time convalescent leave" from St. Elizabeth's Hospital.

The order allows Hinckley, Jr. to live full-time in Williamsburg, Virginia, but st...

Super Hillary cape DNC

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Obama prepares to hand off legacy to Clinton

President Barack Obama will tell Americans Wednesday that no one has ever been more qualified to be in the Oval Office than Hillary Clinton, placing his legacy in the hands of his one-time bitter rival.

The President will deliver a keynote speech at t...

Turkey rally

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Report: Turkey shuts down media, fires more troops

The Turkish government continues to take action against soldiers and institutions after this month's failed coup attempt.

Marilyn Mosby July 27


Who is Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby?

Shortly after being elected nearly two years ago, Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby said prosecutors in her troubled city had the "toughest job in America."

It's not getting any easier.

After three police officers were acquitted in recent months...

Obama pre-dnc

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Obama to make case for Clinton, his legacy

President Barack Obama plans to deliver a high-profile job reference for Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, arguing that a long -- and in his view, overlooked -- career in public service has rendered her the most qualified candidate in history.

overworked office worker at desk


1 hour of activity offsets 8 hours of sitting

It's well-known that sitting down all day, be it at your desk, on the couch or in a car, is bad for your health.

Al Franken Sarah Silverman DNC

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Are Democrats funnier than Republicans?

With all due respect to Scott Baio, there's little doubt about which 2016 convention will end up as the more entertaining.

Girl power DNC floor

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

2016 DNC guide: What to watch on day 3

Hillary Clinton officially won the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday. Then, Bill Clinton took the Democratic National Convention on a 45-minute tour through the former first lady, senator and secretary of state's biography.

Dolly the sheep

Toni Barros/Wikimedia Commons

Dolly the sheep's cloned sisters enjoy good health

Though growing old, Dolly's sheep siblings are no worse for wear.

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