Fire crews respond to hazardous spill in northeast Columbia

Officials confirm about 35 gallons of lye across the road in front of Kraft Foods

POSTED: 11:34 AM CDT Apr 22, 2013    UPDATED: 11:18 PM CDT Apr 22, 2013 

Officials responded to a hazardous spill Monday morning in northeast Columbia.

City fire crews were called to Kraft Foods around 7 a.m. A truck was leaking sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye. Around 35 gallons were on the roadway in front of the complex.

The substance was contained, and the fire department stayed on scene until it was gone. Kraft said the spill was not on their property and did not affect operations or local waterways.

The semi is privately owned but operating for TransX. The company U.S. Environmental was hired to clean up the sodium hydroxide and arrived on scene by 11 a.m.