Two arrested for heroin in Jefferson City

POSTED: 09:32 PM CDT Mar 27, 2013    UPDATED: 04:46 AM CDT Mar 28, 2013 

Two more suspects are under arrest in Jefferson City as police are trying to get the continuing heroin problem under control.

One is a prior offender, the other is a what the prosecutors office calls a persistent offender.

According to court documents, Mark Parker and Elonzo Johnson Sr. are accused of selling heroin and OxyContin to an undercover officer between Jan. 1 and March 26.

Johnson has three prior convictions for trafficking and one felony possession conviction.

Parker is currently on probation for a distribution charge, and he has also been convicted of distributing before. Both were caught on video and audio making the sales to an undercover Jefferson City police officers.

Sources tell ABC 17 the area's well-known Mustang Drug Task-Force was not part of the investigation.

A source inside the Police Department said the two men were not high-level arrests and won't likely lead to any other major busts.

Since late last year, the Jefferson City Police Department has arrested 34 alleged dealers, five of whom are considered high-level distributors.