A New Florence family is faced with being on the street after last week's tornado destroyed their home

The American Red Cross has reached financial lending limit for the family

NEW FLORENCE, Mo. - A family in New Florence is faced with being on the street after a tornado left their house damaged beyond repair on May 31st. 

The American Red Cross has been paying for a room at the Days Inn in New Florence for the Morgan family for the last week. 

But that will all change Monday.

The Red Cross has reached its financial lending limit, and Sunday night is the last paid night the Morgans will have at the hotel.

The family told ABC 17 News they were in shock and still trying to process what happened that night. 

"It was a loud, like, whoosh sound. It was real loud, and boom. And then a tree came down on top of our house, and there was rain coming inside our house and it was terrifying," Kelly Morgan said. 

Morgan said she is grateful for what the Red Cross has provided, but she is still scared of what tomorrow will bring. 

"We have no place to go. We have no money. We have nothing," Morgan said. 

Morgan also told ABC 17 News that her family hasn't had a real meal in a week. 

"We've been having to get help from friends for food because we don't have money," Morgan said. 

She said it's hard to accept that her family will no longer be able to live in their house. 

The house is considered structurally unsafe, so the Morgans are not able to go back in the house to get their belongings yet. 

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