Abandoned Fulton residential property is home to unwelcome wildlife

Snakes, racoons create difficult living conditions for neighbors

FULTON, Mo. - An abandoned home on the residential street of East Morningside Drive is angering Fulton citizens.

The grass is overgrown on the property and the house is not being maintained, but neighbors tell ABC 17 News that it is more than just an eyesore on the street.

Neighbors say the property is home to snakes and racoons that occasionally venture out into other yards.

Resident Sharon Horn said that the racoons "come in my yard and go after my dogs. One of the neighbors actually had one of her little kids chased by one of the racoons."

The City of Fulton says that it currently unable to issue a citation because the ownership is unclear. The home is in the process of being foreclosed.

"If we went out there and cut it right now anyway, the city would have to deduct that dollar amount from the budget, as opposed to charging the owner of the property," said Darin Wernig of the City Of Fulton. "This is because it is currently in the foreclosure process."

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