Apps help stop texting while driving

New app alerts parents to kids texting and driving

COLUMBIA, Mo. - While Memorial Day weekend may be over, it is now a period called the 100 deadliest days for teenagers.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death of 16-20 year olds.

On Wednesday ABC 17 News learned the ways phone companies are fighting technology with technology.
Several phone companies have created apps that stop texting and calls while behind the wheel.

In order for the apps to start working you have to be driving at least 25 mph.

43 states ban texting for all drivers.

Missouri bans it for those under 21.

However, even with laws in place that isn't enough for some to stop their cell phone, addiction while behind the wheel.

"I see a lot of kids texting and driving.. lots of them. I always worry are they going to hit me or are they going to get in a wreck," said Cindy Kent, a concerned driver.

Kent admitted to ABC 17 News she has found herself responding to texts while driving.

"That is because people know you have a cellphone so why aren't you responding." said Kent.

That is when the Drive Mode app can help.

Once you are driving over 25 miles per hour the app will activate.

During that time if anyone calls or messages you an automatic reply will be sent saying you are driving.

It is possible to add contacts who if they call you while you are behind the wheel you can answer.

There is also an option on the app for parents to receive notifications if their child turns it off.

Right now these apps are just for Android and Blackberry phones.

Phone carriers told ABC 17 News the reason the iphone does not have this capability is because of Apple's restrictions on their apps and system control

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