An audit by the State of Missouri revealed that Morgan County has been falling behind in performance.

The county did not prepare a sales tax reduction for 2012. The county had over-collected
property taxes by $1.8 million.

Morgan County incorrectly certified a tax rate with a voluntary reduction instead of a sales tax reduction for the 3-year period ending in 2008, reducing the tax rate ceiling beginning in 2009.

The county was apparently unaware of the reduced tax ceiling and used incorrect tax rate ceilings when preparing sales tax reduction rates for 2009 to 2011, showing an under collection when there was an over collection of property taxes each year.

Similar concerns were expressed in prior audit reports and significant weaknesses were found to exist in the Sheriff's controls and procedures.

The audit was unable to show if all money was accounted for, deposited, and dispersed properly.

Prosecuting Attorney personnel do not prepare a monthly list of liabilities for the restitution and bad check amount, so liabilities are no compared to the reconciled bank balance. This account contained an overage of $1,969.

As of March 31, 2013, 39 checks amounting to $4,018 had been outstanding for over a year in the restitution and bad check amount.