The Boone County Sheriff's Department issued a warning to residents to alert them to scammers trying to steal money from them via phone.

One resident reported getting three phone calls on May 12 from a subject saying he was a sergeant with the Boone County Sheriff's Department, and that a warrant had been issued for the resident's arrest for failing to appear for jury duty.

The scammer told the resident they needed to go to a local Walgreen's store and buy a $500 cash reserve card and then call them back with the card number.

The Boone County Sheriff's Department does not make phone calls if a person does not show up for jury duty, and never asks people to buy cash reserve cards and report back with the number.

The actual consequences for failing to report for jury duty involves being served in-person by a uniformed deputy sheriff with a "show cause" order, which is an order to appear in court to explain why the person failed to report for jury duty.