Boone County Public Works running low on salt

COLUMBIA, Mo. - There may be an abundance of snow in Boone County right now, but it's not the same situation for the amount of salt Public Works has to clear it.

Bryan Boyce with the Boone County Public Works Department said they have 300 tons of salt and 600 tons of mixture right now.

"We're probably as low as we've been in several years, but we do have enough to last through the next storm," he said.

Boyce said they usually have about 2,500 tons on hand.  

Officials just ordered 2,750 more tons, 200-400 which should be delivered in the next week.

Boyce said crews usually use 150 tons per storm.

Boone County crews clear 825 miles of road throughout the county.  More than 600 of that is unpaved road.

But Boyce said gravel roads aren't the biggest obstacle for crews.

"The biggest challenge is probably the flat roads with blowing snow on them," he said. "You can clear them completely, and you go back in an hour and they're covered again after being blown over with snow."

Boyce told ABC 17 News sometimes crews will go over a road six or more times to get it completely clear.

He said all roads in Boone County should be passable by early Thursday morning.

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