Boston Marathon bombing suspects' Chechnyan descent has experts speculating on possible motives

Local terrorist expert shares insight

COLUMBIA, Mo. - It was learned Friday that the Tsarnaev brothers, the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, are of Chechnyan ethnicity.

Chechnya is part of the old Soviet Union and borders Russia.

A lot questions are still unanswered as the manhunt for the second suspect continues to unfold.

Many are wondering if this is an international act of terror, as the two are from southern Russia.

"From my perspective, the question is, was this international in the terms of the Chechyan relationship as in some way of popularizing the situation of Chechnya?" terrorist expert Paul Wallace told ABC 17 News.

He said this could be a possibility because Chechnya is under repressive Russian control.

However, there is still the possibility that the acts are domestic.

The younger brother has lived in the U.S. for nearly 10 years.

Wallace said the brothers' choice to act during the iconic Boston Marathon and the date could indicate they were unhappy in America.

"Well, that's income tax day. This is one day of striking at the U.S. So, that could be domestic terrorism," Wallace said.

The other big question is whether the two are operating as part of a larger group.

Wallace said he believes the two brothers became radicalized Muslims at some point during their time in the U.S., and that too could be behind this terroristic crime.

But as far as the act itself, Wallace said he didn't believe other people were involved.

"It doesn't add up to a carefully planned group, larger group, activity," Wallace told ABC 17 News. "They weren't planning for afterward."

The lack of an exit strategy also made Wallace believe the two may have been planning a suicide mission to follow up the Boston Marathon bombing.

He said the older brother dying with explosive devices strapped to his body could be evidence suicide was going to be their final act.

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