Callaway prosecutors reviewing DeBrodie documents

Prosecutors reviewing DeBrodie...

CALLAWAY COUNTY, Mo. - Callaway County prosecutors have begun reviewing documents and evidence in the Carl DeBrodie case. 

DeBrodie was reported missing from a Fulton assisted-living facility in mid-April. His body was later found encased in cement in a bin in a storage facility. 

Fulton police Chief Steve Myers said they have multiple suspects and persons of interest in this case. 

"Person of interest is more someone that were looking at that could be involved, but we’re not sure yet," Myers said. "Suspect is when we have more probable cause to believe they were involved in a situation."

Police are continuing to gather evidence and get lab results for their investigation. Already, the prosecutor has thousands of pages to go through before they can file charges. 

"I'm not sure of the page total, as far as reports, but it’ll be in the hundreds," Myers said. "I was back there this morning in a briefing, and one report is 43 pages, and we have many, many reports. Now that’s one of the longer ones, but there are many, many reports, and so, the prosecutor will have thousands of pages to go through."

The timeline of when charges will be filed is dependent on the prosecutors. 

"I think probably in the near future, they’re all going to meet, and we’re going to meet with them as well, and we’ll probably determine what state and federal charges are going to be available to them to file," Myers said. 

No cause of death for DeBrodie has been determined.

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