The Capital Mall in Jefferson City is monitoring a t-shirt shop after several complaints were received, stating the shirts were too vulgar.

After viewers contacted ABC 17, Daniel Winn went to the mall and found the shirts were just feet from a children's train that tours the mall.

Mall management has acted and asked the shop to clean up it's act.

"My first thought was some of this needs to be cleaned up," said Jamie Reed, who is the general manager of Capital Mall.

Reed said they had no idea what kind of shirts the shop would be selling when they signed them.

Talk of drugs, sex, and alcohol were what upset mall goers the most, mainly because it was within feet of the kids train and feet from the middle of the mall.

Reed said this isn't the first time there have been problems at this shirt stand. One operator has already been booted, but he said the new one is working out.

"They do a lot better job of keeping it clean. Any t-shirt that we have asked them to remove, they've removed."

Reed said most shirts with profanity have been taken down, but they're keeping an eye on things. He said he actually agreed with the concerned customers. He too found some of the shirts offensive.

"Some of it was, and we have removed what we feel is inappropriate."