Car batteries struggle in frigid temperatures

COLUMBIA, Mo. - If your car has struggled to start in the recent below-freezing weather, you're probably not alone.

According to AAA, car batteries lose strength in extremely cold weather, and may lose the ability to exert the energy necessary to start a car, depending on the type of battery and car.

To help the battery it's recommended that drivers stay up to date with oil changes, keep gas levels above half a tank, and minimize the amount of battery power you use. Lights, wipers, phone chargers, and seat warmers all use battery power, and could draw vital energy the battery needs to start the car.

If your car does not start, a jump could fix the problem if it's battery-related. If not, then a jump might not start the car. A dead battery could mean there's a problem with the alternator or battery.

Experts recommend that drivers always have emergency supplies of tools and water in case of a dead battery.

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