Chamois residents mourn closing of the Chamois Power Plant

30 people forced to find new work

CHAMOIS, Mo. - The Chamois Power Plant will close its gates for the final time Monday.

Central Electric made the decision to close the plant based on the economic cost to keep it open.

Now, 30 people are looking for new work, but all residents in the small town are feeling the impact.

"We have some families that have relocated already, there are those that are going to have to take retirement and then there are those that are just going to have to be unemployed for a while until they can be situated," said Chamois resident Sue Heisler.

Heisler grew up in Chamois and said the plant is what the town is known for.

"It's like grieving, you know, the closing of an icon in the community," she said.

Those who work at the plant have been forced to find work elsewhere, which for many, means leaving Chamois.

"I do know one of the workers is going for a job interview in Wyoming, and like I said, that's a big concern if he does have a wife and kids," said plant security guard Melissa Woods.

While the closing of the plant will take away a big part of its economic value, residents said they are still hopeful for the town.

"The passion is here," Heisler said. "The people that live here, we look out for each other and we will. We will rise from this as well and just hope that we get some additional economic opportunities that come our way."

Central Electric described a major reason for closing the plant in a statement. They said making changes to meet the 2015 regulations would cost an estimated $4.1 million and another $150,000 every year to operate.

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