City advisory commission meets to discuss regulations of alcoholic beverages

Mixed reviews from locals

Alcohol regulation recommendations

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Substance Abuse Advisory Commission (SAAC) meets again to rework their memo they plan to bring to the City Council.

The recommendations are:

  • Prohibit the distribution of free alcohol to the general public
  • Prohibit "bottomless"deal, which offer unlimited alcoholic drinks for a fixed price.
  • Establish a $2 minimum for any alcoholic beverage.
  • Prohibit reduced prices for alcoholic beverages after 11 p.m.
  • "Requirement that the price of non-intoxicating beverages (such as soft drinks) may not be more expensive than the least expensive alcoholic beverage."
  • Prohibit advertising or promoting  any of the discount pricing practices that are prohibited, whether on or off of the licensed premises (to include social media).
  • Regulation on games and contest which involve alcoholic beverages or the awarding of drinks of intoxicating liquor as prizes for consumption at such games or contest on the licensed premises.

ABC 17 spoke to locals about how they feel about these regulations and found the reviews were mixed.

Nicki Baker is in favor of the alcoholic drink regulations. "I've seen a lot of fights break out in bars because people over drink," she said.

While business owner, Al Belcher feels people will drink no matter what regulations are put in place. He said, "what you don't want to do is drive people away from those types of institutions, you don't want them to go spend twenty dollars on a bottle of liquor drinking it anyway they want to in the alley out back or in their own home."

Blake Willoughby, a commissioner of the S.A.A.C. said that their goal is to advise the City Council on regulations that could protect the city's safety. "We don't want to be taking away from the activities that individuals want to do, we're not trying to stop drinking, we're not trying to say don't drink. what we just want to do is make it safer," he said.

The S.A.A.C. will be reworking their memo and bringing it to the City Council in the next month or so.

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