City of Columbia to vote on a medical marijuana resolution

A new bill could be passed tomorrow

City Council to Vote on a Medical...

COLUMBIA, Mo. - UPDATE 6:30 p.m.: Tonight, the city of Columbia will vote on a resolution adding medical cannabis to a lobbying agenda.

Michael Trapp, the Second Ward City Council Representative says that states with medical cannabis laws have a twenty-four percent lower annual overdose mortality rate compared to states without. Trapp explained why the issue is so important to him, "I've known too many people who have died of drug overdoses and I've been too personally affected by the opioid epidemic. I was a substance abuse counselor for over ten years."

Trapp believes that the majority of the public supports the idea, but some of the push-back comes from some on the city council.

The resolution would mean that the city council agrees that Columbia should lobby for medical marijuana legislation at the state level.

I spoke with state representative Chuck Basye, he said people close to him with cancer saw benefits of medical marijuana. He said, "they both felt if they had access to medical marijuana to help them eat or sleep or handle the medication, their life would have been much, much better."

Bayse said if a doctor is behind prescribing cannabis to help a patient, then we should support it. It provides more options for doctor's to help their patients.

The council meeting will start at 7:00 p.m., they expect to vote on the resolution by 9:00 p.m.


ORIGINAL STORY: The city of Columbia is moving towards a resolution of medical marijuana. 

Today, a press conference is held by Columbia Council Member Michael Trapp regarding medical cannabis.

The city will hold a vote tonight whether to pass this resolution.

Tomorrow, a new bill will be taken up in the Missouri House of Representatives to support medical marijuana in the state.

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