After another day of discussion, the Columbia City Council made decisions on three downtown housing developments.

The three developments with Collegiate Housing Partners, Opus Development Company, and American Campus Communities were open for public comment at Monday night's and Wednesday's meetings.

The Council unanimously approved the Collegiate Housing Partners development, which plans to build a 351 bed apartment building at the corner of Conley and 5th Street.

Ward 4 council member Ian Thomas tried to table to Opus proposal until November, but it eventually passed with a 4 to 3 vote. That building will be able to house 256 people on the north side of Locust Street, between 7th and 8th streets.

The American Campus Communities development, a building with a 718 bed capacity, was tabled until May. That development would be located on the northeast corner of Providence and Turner, and on the northwest corner of Turner and Fifth.

People who commented at Monday and Wednesday's meetings were concerned that they don't know enough about the plans for the projects.