"Columbia Imagined" plan approved

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Columbia city leaders have agreed upon a plan to guide their decisions concerning the next 20 years.

The hundred-plus page document "Columbia Imagined" was approved unanimously at Monday night's City Council meeting.

"Columbia Imagined" is a comprehensive plan on how residents will live and grow as the city expands.

The plan includes several topics: land use, transportation, neighborhoods, economic development, parks, environmental management and growth management.

The plan has been on the table for the last three years.  There have been 26 public hearings to discuss the contents of the plans.  

The public was allowed to speak their opinions on the plan at the council meeting.

Some people wanted to make sure the plan stayed a "advisory document" rather than a "policy document,", meaning that the plans are more recommendations and goals rather than rules and regulations.

But others felt a document like that would be worthless because it's too vague.

Deputy City Manager Tony St. Romaine believes the plan is exactly what Columbia needs to guide it in the next 20 years of population growth.

"This plan was very well-thought out by a diverse group of individuals and will make the best recommendations to ensure Columbia grows how it should and keep it as the place we love," said St. Romaine.

Columbia Imagined will take effect now and be implemented until 2030.

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