Columbia police say burglaries are up in the East Campus neighborhood

POSTED: 03:48 PM CST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 08:23 AM CST Nov 19, 2013 

Columbia police tweeted Monday that they are seeing an increase of burglaries in the East Campus neighborhood. The area has already had numerous homes hit over the last few months.

Police provided a link warning residents to keep their doors locked. They said most of these burglaries targeted women home alone or with roommates.

"I feel a little less safe than I thought I would coming here," said Meg Schildroth, a resident of the neighborhood.

Three residents told ABC 17 News a home was hit early Sunday morning. Some believe it's the same suspect responsible for at least two other incidents.

Those same residents said the victims of this latest incident woke up to a man touching them.

Back in July, ABC 17 News reported two incidents where a man went into two homes through an unlocked door to watch people sleep. People said this most recent incident is similar.

"It happened right next door to us, and so when we found out about it, one of the girls told my roommate, and then we also found out from our landlord," said Kara Grass, another resident.

Police said they don't have enough description to say this latest case is related. But they're warning people to keep their doors locked and outside lights on. They also said inside lights on a timer are a good idea.

Some residents already take precautions.

"We've just been locking our doors and trying to kind of look out for one another, never going out by ourselves and that kind of thing," said Schildroth.

But it doesn't make the fear of being the next target go away.

"Pretty terrifying that it's right next door to us," said Grass.

Police told ABC 17 News they couldn't get specific numbers of burglaries until Tuesday.