Complaints against Alpha Epsilon Pi for littering

School next door affected by trash

City gets complaints about frat

COLUMBIA, Mo. - City officials have received several complaints about a particular fraternity house. The most recent problem is the trash that blows into the school next door.

ABC 17 News visited Alpha Epsilon Pi and found litter all over the lawn, including beer cans and boxes.

We spoke with a concerned parent, Beatrice Stuart, whose daughter attends the school right next door to the fraternity. She told us what she sees everyday, "beer bottles in the front yard, beer boxes in the front yard, it is my understanding that Mizzou is a dry campus."

Trash blows into the school's playground and teachers are left picking it up.

Reports claim some fraternity members just throw their trash outside the window, hoping to reach the dumpster.

Stuart further said, "I think it is a bad representation of our community and the values we should have for our children."

ABC 17 News did some investigation and checked into just how many complaints have been made against Alpha Epsilon Pi. 

We found two in the last two months and half a dozen more in the past few years.

We went to the house and asked the AEPI president what he thought of the complaints and he told us, 
they are trying to fix the problem.

City code compliance workers told us nuisance complaints like this are common against fraternity houses and other properties in the East campus area.

The city takes nuisance complaints seriously and if you have a concern in your neighborhood, please go to this link.

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