Conceal and Carry Permits

Where can CCW holders carry their firearms?

Chipotle stated they do not allow firearms in their buildings after two men walked into one of their food chains in Texas last weekend.

Missouri statute has laws regarding how to make it illegal to carry a firearm in a building, even if the holder is carrying it legally.

Boone County Sheriff's Department, Major Tom Reddin said, "The statute spells out how big the letters have to be in the sign, as well as the proper way to display it in order for it to be legal.

Since 2007, almost 9,000 people have received a permit.

In 2013, over 2,000 people either renewed their permit or got one for the first time.

Last month, 3 out of 129 applicants were denied.

Reddin said, "99.9% of the time people are not denied.  If they are it was something that happened a long time ago."

People who are denied a conceal and carry permit are those who have felony charges and even some misdemeanor charges.

If a business owner asks someone who legally carries a firearm to leave their building they do have that right, but the gun holder also has not done anything to break the law.

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