Conceal Carry law to change

POSTED: 09:29 PM CDT Aug 22, 2013 

The way Missouri handles Conceal Carry permits will change next week.

A new law going into effect no longer has permit information being given to the Department of Revenue.

The change comes after thousands of files were shared with the federal government earlier this year.

Each county sheriff will now hold the files on permit holders.

Names can be searched individually, but bulk files with thousands of names won't be able to be produced.

If you are thinking about getting your CCW you will need two money orders of cashier's checks.

One will need to be made out to MSHP CRID for the amount of $30.50.

Another one will need to be made out to the Cole County Sheriff's Office for the amount of $69.50.

Permits are valid for five years.

Currently, the Sheriff's Office is issuing temporary paper permits.

Starting later this year permanent cards will be issued when proper production equipment arrives.