Cooper County clerk resigns after being put on two years probation

On Friday afternoon, Darryl Kempf resigned from the Cooper County Clerk's office after learning his punishment for stealing. Kempf received a suspended six-month jail sentence and was placed on two years of court-supervised probation.

Kempf wrote in a letter, I have decided to resign as I no longer want to fight the politically motivated issues that I have recently had to address."

Kempf has been the county clerk for Cooper County for over 30 years. 

Kempf's resignation comes after an investigation by the state attorney general's office revealed Kempf reportedly gifted himself a county-owned vehicle last year. 

In May 2014, Kempf signed a lease on behalf of the county for the Toyota Tundra truck. 

After making 28 of the 36 payments in August 2016, he reportedly asked the county for a check totaling more than $4,800 and added it with a personal check to purchase the vehicle from the Toyota lease. This was done in Cooper County's name and later titled on August 23, 2016.

Days later, Kempf asked the deputy clerk to sign an affidavit declaring Cooper County was gifting the vehicle to Kempf. Kempf then titled and registered the vehicle in his name.

In May 2017, Kempf admitted he thought he might leave his elected term in 2016 early and worried this would make him unable to own the Toyota. He said he took the subsequent actions to avoid paying sales tax. He also admitted to going to the Columbia branch of the Missouri Department of Revenue to avoid being found out in Boonville.

Kempf said in the resignation letter, "I am excited about the opportunity to get to spend more time with my loving family."

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