Cost of raising kids is going up

One mother spends nearly $900 each month on her child

SEDALIA, Mo. - New numbers show the cost of raising a child has gone up in recent years.

The average now sits at $250,000, and that is not including college.

A Sedalia mother not only pays for everything a typical 2 and 1/2 year old needs, but they're also among a growing number of parents who have a child with a disability.

Recently, Sarah Stone's son Oliver, was diagnosed with a form of autism. Stone said fortunately he is enrolled in a program that cuts down on therapy cost. However, it is still an additional cost she has to re-prioritize for.

Stone said, "A normal trip to the grocery store for two adults and a two year old is about three hundred dollars for us and I go about once a week."

Along with a special diet, Stone said they pay about $90 per week for Oliver's daycare. This summer Oliver has been in Virginia with his dad.

She said her wallet can tell it's taking a break, "We've been able to save since he's been away this summer about six to seven hundred dollars each month."

Oliver was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder earlier this year. She said there is no price she wouldn't pay to get him better.

"To be able to hear him say mom for the first time... You can't put a price on that," said Stone.

Stone said she can't wait for Oliver to be back, no matter how much it cost. She also said even spending nearly $1,000 each month on one child would not make her think twice about having more kids.

For her family it is all about watching where they are spending their money.

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