Court email scam circulating around mid-Missouri

COLUMBIA, Mo. - On Thursday, the Boone County Court is warning of an email scam going around mid-Missouri for the last six weeks.

The Boone County Court administrators say they first saw the scam a few months ago and says it reoccurs every few years.

"Apparently this is happening nationally. I received some emails from other courts warning that members of the public are receiving emails in their personal email that appear to be from the courts," said Mary Epping, assistant court administrator with Boone County.

The subject line will say "contact court" or "notice to appear," but Epping says that receiving an email from the courts is the first clue it's a scam.

"No member of the public should receive an email from the courthouse, it should always be in your mailbox," she said.

The "notice to appear in court" subject is meant to draw you in, but if the email is opened, it's designed to steal your personal information.

"If you open it it's a phishing scam, and so if you open the attachment in the email it could actually cause a virus to infect your computer," said Epping.

The Better Business Bureau says it has had no calls about this scam yet but hear it is going around the country.

"Don't even open the email If you do, don't click on any attachments or any links I think that is what might cause the virus or the phishing scam part of it to work.

If you do have any questions anyone is welcome to call their local courthouse, everyone has kind of been aware of the problem," Epping said.

If the court contacts you for appearances, it will be be letter that will come in an official envelope, notice, seal and it will be clearly marked from the 13th Judicial Court, for those in Boone County.

To call Boone County Court: (573) 886-4060
Cole County Court: (573) 634-9100

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