Missouri no longer No. 1 state for meth

BOONE COUNTY, Mo. - Missouri is no longer the No. 1 state in the U.S. for the sale and use of methamphetamine, but meth continues to be the most popular drug in Mid-Missouri.

Sgt. Shannon Jeffries with the Mustang Drug Task Force said Mid-Missouri is a popular place for meth because the rural areas provide the perfect secluded place to cook meth.

The Mustang Drug Task Force, Boone County sheriffs, and other local law enforcement search for or make arrests for meth several times each week.

Sgt. Jeffries said Mustang will continue to constantly search for meth user or sellers as long as they are around.

In the last year, Missouri had 784 meth incidents, or arrests for meth labs and the discarding of meth.

Sgt. Jeffries said Missouri may have dropped to the No. 2 spot instead of No. 1 because of the restrictions on purchasing pseudophedrine, a common drug in allergy medicine and the top ingredient of meth.

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