Burglaries in Columbia increase during spring break

Police: Burglary numbers increase at end of May

Burglaries in Columbia increase during spring break


The number of burglaries in Columbia increased during the week many went on Spring Break when compared to last year's numbers. 

The police department released those numbers Monday. 

Twenty-five homes and businesses were broken into during the 12-day span. 

On College Avenue, four houses in a row were burglarized. 

Two homeownerss on the 100 block of College Avenue "spring break-proofed"their homes before leaving. 

They locked the doors, windows, left lights on and cars in the driveway, but burglars weren't fooled. 

Kelsey Lukasek lives in one of the houses burglarized on College Avenue. 

"We always make sure all windows are locked, both doors, well all doors on all floors were locked. We have things on our windows like wood things so people can't break in from the outside. We also have something that is on the door, like a shut-up thing," Lukasek says. 

Police tell Lukasek and her roommates someone broke in using a hammer left outside. 

Less than a week, later the neighbors home was robbed. 

Mark Lee and his roommates had laptops, an Xbox and video games stolen. Personal safes were smashed in the basement. 

"We will try to get something figured out. It is kind of scary having random people going through your private possessions," Lee says. 

The victims plan on talking with their landlords regarding the break-ins and how to avoid a similar situation in the future.

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