Casey Lewis charged for Brian Daniels murder

Casey Lewis is charged for being the one to shoot Brian Daniels multiple times.

COLUMBIA, Mo. - A second suspect who police call the triggerman in a Columbia murder from April is charged and behind bars. 24-year-old Casey Lewis is now charged with first degree murder of Brian Daniels at his house in south Columbia. Lewis has a $1 million bond in Boone County and is the second person to be charged with murder.

Police arrested James Thompson a few days after finding Daniels body. He originally told police he took care of Daniels after he received injuries in a fire.

Court documents ABC 17 News obtained Friday, there are a lot of details about a several conversations. The conversations were from family, witnesses, and suspects to police. There were even jail conversations. They were all giving details about what they knew from the day before the murder all the way until last week. But it was hard for investigators to detect because they all talked in code. They were trying to keep Lewis' name from leaking out to make sure he didn't get caught. It wasn't until mid June when Lewis' name was mentioned. There was no point in keeping it silent anymore because he was in jail in Oklahoma on unrelated charges.

On April 10, Brian Daniels was found murdered in his home. James Thompson found the body, called 911 and was arrested three days later for having and selling Daniels property.

According to court documents, Thompson found out Daniels was awarded about $2.6 million in his settlement for the injuries he sustained. Thompson forged Daniels will to make him the sole beneficiary.

Other witnesses told investigators there was another man with Thompson leading up to the murder, Casey Lewis. They say Thompson drove to Oklahoma to hire and pick up Lewis. Court documents state Thompson paid Lewis with cash, a car, and a gun to shoot Daniels. Witnesses' claim Thompson told them Lewis went into Daniels home, shot him three times, and then performed an Indian ritual over the body.

Oklahoma authorities tell ABC 17 News the extradition hearing was not held on Friday. Officials believe it could happen sometime next week.

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