Charges filed against Osage County sheriff

Dixon: Harassment, stalking allegations are "baseless"

LINN, Mo. - Osage County Sheriff Michael Dixon is denying accusations of harassment and stalking, calling them "baseless."

In a statement from his attorney, Dixon said that he has added "reliable" new deputies and set professional standards, and that has left some accustomed to the old ways "pretty disgruntled."

ABC 17 News broke the story that several charges were filed Wednesday afternoon against Dixon.

Dixon faces one felony and four misdemeanors. The special prosecutor appointed by the state attorney general alleges Dixon sexually harassed and stalked a female Belle police officer this summer

The victim, "C.M.," says Dixon ran a flashlight over her genitals and buttocks while on the scene of a fight at Lange Tire in Belle on June 24.

Court documents claim Dixon, another deputy and the victim all arrived as backup from a party at Dixon's home because there was concern Belle police officers at the scene could not be reached by radio. The alleged assault occurred as the victim bent down to talk to the wife of Belle's police chief, who was sitting in a car.

On June 26, the victim claims Dixon showed up to her fiance's home after midnight, demanding to talk to her. Nathan Abel told Dixon C.M. was at work, but prosecutors allege Dixon tried to search the property, calling the victim repeatedly.

At one point, court documents describe Dixon calling the Osage County Emergency Operations Center to have the victim call him back.

Dixon is also accused of taking Abel's four-wheeler to find the victim, a felony charge for tampering with a motor vehicle.

The victim told prosecutors she was so scared to go back home that night, she drove outside Belle and did not return until morning. Even then, she said, she searched her home with her gun drawn.

According to court documents, Dixon made several calls and comments that were sexual in nature and not related to their work over the course of many months.

Sheriff Dixon was the police chief in Belle, until he was elected Sheriff in 2012.

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