Charles Bell possibly shot in his garage

Pond fills with water Thursday and haults search for evidence

BOONE COUNTY, Mo. - Investigators think a missing Harrisburg man was shot in his own garage three years ago.

For the past two weeks, Boone County deputies have been searching a pond off of Route EE for evidence related to Charles Bell's disappearance.

Last week Patrick Curl and Jennifer Freeman were arrested for allegedly hiding Bell's body, after Freeman said she witnessed his murder.

The rain Thursday did not help investigators, who instead stopped the search for evidence as the pond flooded with water.

However, the pond is still being guarded.

On September 18, 2011, Nikki Bell reported her husband and his motorcycle missing.

In the coming days posters, billboards and flyers were seen all over the Mid-Missouri area.

It was not until the end of July, 1,044 days after Bell was reported missing that investigators found blood in Bell's garage.

Jennifer Freeman and acquaintance to Bell led investigators back to Bell's home.

The search warrant ABC 17 News obtained says Freeman admitted to seeing a person shoot Bell with a gun during an altercation inside his own garage.

According to the document, "Law enforcement knows this individual to be an associate of Charles through this investigation."

Freeman went on to tell investigators she and others used beach towels and cleaning supplies to get rid of evidence in the crime.

ABC 17 News' Heather Hourigan went out to Bell's old house Thursday where new homeowners were moving in.

The new owners told Heather they had no idea someone was possibly shot inside what is now their new home, and they are very disappointed if that is the case.

Heather also spoke with neighbors who knew Bell, who were saddened and shocked to learn he was possibly killed just yards away from them.

The search warrant documents also state the information Freeman gave regarding Bell's homicide would have only been known by someone who was at the scene of the crime.

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